Terms & Conditions


A 50% deposit is required, and should be paid to Happy Hands Belcoo at the time the order is placed.
Deposits are non-refundable.
Deposits can be paid in cash at a viewing, by credit/debit card or PayPal via PayPal. However, If you wish to pay by card at a viewing appointment, we can arrange that for you.
No order will be confirmed until the deposit/full amount is paid.
Final Payment must be made 3 months before the required date, and goods will not be released until the final payment had been received.


Ordering Online with Happy Hands Beloo is safe and secure!  We use a method of interaction with our customers that does not compromise credit card information. Paypal also insure your purchase should you have any problems at all.  We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to purchase from Happy Hands Belcoo.  However, you may alternatively wish to pay by cheque, in which case please allow 5 working days for cheque clearance, or pay cash directly at Happy Hands Belcoo.


Payment of orders can either be made using a debit, credit card or PayPal via PayPal.
If your order is altered after acceptance of your deposit, as a result of a request by you. the customer, which has been accepted by Happy Hands,  All costs must be covered for materials and labour, by you, the customer, where applicable.

The balance of your order is due to be paid, no later than 12 weeks prior to required date agreed with you, the customer, at time of placing the order.
Final payment must be paid in sufficient time for funds to reach Happy Hands.
Happy Hands Belcoo has the right to cancel the order, and retain the deposit paid, if final payment has not reached Happy Hands by the date required, as stated on the purchase order form and  receipt issued to you, the customer.


Goods are charged at prices quoted in writing for the bespoke product you have ordered.  Items on the website show the correct price, at time of print, for the product you can see, in the materials quoted. You will be issued with a quote for your product, which will be valid for 4 weeks. Once your deposit/payment is received an order form will be issued to confirm all the details of your purchase.


Statutory rights is the expectation that the item(s) will be of reasonable quality; whilst this is the case, we hope our product exceeds your expectations.
Should there be an obvious defect with the item at any time within the first 6 months, that has not been caused by general wear and tear or misuse, please contact Happy Hands Belcoo -
We will take every measure possible to put right any problems you may have, however, we do not provide a guarantee or warranty with our products.

Our 'Refund Procedures' at Happy Hands are as follows:
In the first instance, we will offer to repair products; Happy Hands will do everything within reason to stick to a reasonable timescale whilst repairing the product, minimising any significant inconvenience, although you must remember that these items are ‘Hand-Crafted’ and may take time to make and repair.
Should this not be viable option, you will be given a replacement item on a ‘like for like’ basis.
If the item is beyond reasonable repair or impracticable, you will then be offered a replacement.
We may, in some cases, reduce the purchase price to an appropriate amount, although this will not affect your statutory rights to return if the item is defective by design.

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