Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hello there,

I personally have never blogged but after being introduced to it by jeeberellas craft castle, who I have to say has turned out to be such a good friend, I'm going to have a go. I do also feel its a nice way to look back at what I've achieved (or maybe not). Also it gives you an insight to Happy Hands. So hopefully I won't bore you too much ;-) 

If you've read older blogs by now you know the back ground of Happy Hands. Some things in life we stumble upon by shear coincidence, maybe its fate maybe it's not, but so far it's done me no harm. Certain product areas have progressed purely because someone has said "Can you do this for me?" I think my biggest advice in life is "Go for it" the failure isn't falling down it's not getting up again.

Yesterday was one of those days. I met with a local hotel to discuss promoting my products for their table décor for events. I found it a fountain of knowledge, it's very hard to think from a brides prospective and a business prospective when your so passionate about your product. Also sometimes a fresh set of eyes sees something that is staring you in the face, but you've never seen it before.

We talked about the way weddings where going with style and budget. Spoke about package style, but one very exciting thing that came up on the hotel wish list, was table plans and table numbers. I seems so obvious that if I'm going to do the table décor then it should include table numbers. Although I've never done table plans, other than the one I'm doing for my own wedding. I am very excited about the prospect of venue room décor from door to table being organised by Happy Hands. 

My meeting also reminded me how we are all different and we need to remember that when planning in new products. I think I do cover modern quirky and old traditional. So with that in mind, I'm working on two formats for the table plans and table numbers. A traditional mount board 3D style table plan and table cards using a traditional table card holder. For a modern twist I'm thinking of printing A2 table plans with graphics to tie in the theme and framing them in a silver polished frame that the Bride and Groom get to keep as a memento of their day. Also for the table numbers an a5 printed card that co-ordinates with the table plan and table décor, in a silver polished frame. Many modern weddings are now auctioning of there centrepieces as take home treats for the guests. This may be an idea for the table cards in frames or return the frames and get a deposit back for each one returned home safely. 

Hopefully once perfected I will post pictures of the finished pieces.  

Thanks for reading,

Happy Hands